From one piece of furniture…


You might remember the armoire that I made from agricultural posts.

early september 2014 064


Well, even though it held a lot of clothing we still needed more hanging space.  So I started looking at the second hand stores. 


late may 2014 049


I found this one which I really liked.  But it is HUGE!  I dragged Richard down to look at it thinking that we could somehow divide it.  Dividing it would not have been impossible but it would have required making and adding a number of other pieces, since each ‘box’ shared a side with its neighbor.    I just didn’t want to deal with all the extra work and fuss.


end of july 2014 001

Then I found this one.  Two boxes on each end with two pieces in the middle. Each box was self contained, no shared sides. Of course the store closed for all of August.  When it finally reopened I dragged Richard over to see if he thought I could use it as separate pieces.  He thought that we could and he pointed out to the store manager that it is a very large piece, 12 feet long and that it had been in the store for a long time.  He managed to get the price down to 300 Euros including delivery. 


armoire pics nov 2014 001

So the other wall of our bedroom got the 4 vertical boxes.  With space left on top for storage.

armoire pics nov 2014 002

The middle two ‘boxes’ have shelves.  The outside ‘boxes’ have double hanging racks.


armoire pics nov 2014 003

The bottom center piece went in to the living room to hold the tv and give us more storage.  It also freed up the 4 boxes that had held up the tv.  See a post about work in the bathroom to see what happened to the boxes. 

And Richard came over to and helped me hang the top center piece in my office.


iris november 2014 032


It sat for a while like this but now


iris november 2014 051

it is hung.  Fabric is stored in it.  I have permanent work space for projects and sewing.  (Sewing machine on the left.  Christmas cards that I was working in in the middle.) 


So one piece of furniture ended up in three different rooms solving three different problems.  I guess sometimes it is a good thing to wait…


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