Man, there out partying again!


Guest Post:  By Nerone, the dog

I was pretty excited when my friends Thane and Melissa stopped by to visit.  But then everybody left and I got worried that maybe my Ben and She Who Must Be Obeyed would run off again like they did last year when Thane and Melissa appeared.  But not the case, Ben and She came home.

iris november 2014 012


But a few days later they were out partyin’ again.


iris november 2014 031

Look at them, eatin’ at Menchetti, drinkin’ wine and all.  Some times they have a lot of fun without me. 

Oh well, I just stay home and guard the house.  You know I’m so overworked.  I have to nap all the time so I’ll have enough strength to get up and eat and take a walk with She.  Oh, the life of a good dog is so hard. 

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