Is your reindeer French or Italian?


nice in december 2014 087

French reindeer, all pale, white, cheesy looking, hanging out in the snow, working for ‘the man’ and grumbling about it.


nice in december 2014 011

Italian reindeer, tan, bronzed, buff, taking a stroll through the olives and rosemary


nice in december 2014 012


nice in december 2014 013


Wearing scarves (OF COURSE!) and fashionable leather wear, big jewelry, (I mean who doesn’t walk around with a candle on their head?) 


nice in december 2014 014


Posing in front of a picture of the skyline of an Italian town. 


Lots to write about but I need time to catch up, hopefully I’ll be posting before the year ends.  Until then best wishes for the holidays.


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