The Garden in Fall


is just doing what it wants to.   (this was written in late November)


iris november 2014 014


iris november 2014 016


iris november 2014 050

Narcissi and iris are blooming.

iris november 2014 019

The hibiscus is full of blooms.  I finally decided to drag it inside, thinking that the blooms would open.  One did.  I am guessing that it is not warm enough inside maybe?


iris november 2014 021


iris november 2014 022

And look what finally decided to bloom.  The bottle brush.  We did have a 10 day stretch in October of no rain.  Maybe I was over watering it all summer.

iris november 2014 025

The rose looks scraggily but keeps on blooming. 


iris november 2014 048

The pansies that I put out have all been eaten by bugs or snails so I will have to go get some more.  Maybe it is cool enough that it won’t happen again.  Still today on November 26 we have not had a frost.  And there is none in the forecast for the next ten days.  But it has been cloudy, rainy, foggy and damp for most of November.  At least not cold. 

It will be interesting to see if that iris and narcissi bloom again this spring.


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