Wheel chair packed…


it’s off to Nice.  Nice, in the south of France is a six hour drive from our house.  We like to go there because it is a big city, lots of non-Italian restaurants and lots of shopping.  And just because it is not Italy.  The city fathers also wisely developed a tram system that is clean, efficient, easy to use and wheel chair accessible. 

We had never been to Nice in December.  And it was all decorated for the holidays.

nice in december 2014 025


nice in december 2014 026


nice in december 2014 028


nice in december 2014 047

Christmas tree buying in the city.

nice in december 2014 051


The out door markets are still there. 

nice in december 2014 056


And the ocean is still there.

nice in december 2014 079


People on the tram carrying mistletoe. 

nice in december 2014 083

nice in december 2014 085

Happy shoppers enjoying a real treat, Starbucks!

nice in december 2014 046

She’ll have to get in a car and drive somewhere if she really wants to see snow.

nice in december 2014 088


But this early evening picture from our hotel window almost made it look snowy. 

We had a wonderful corner room at the Best Western, Hotel New York, right on the tram line, with a small onsite parking lot where the car happily stayed.  Very good rate.  Excellent staff.  Elevator.  We will definitely stay there again. 

Look for some more posts about Nice. 

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