Nice, the Bo Bun Tour


One of the reasons that Ben and I like to go to Nice is that it is a city, with a vibrant downtown and lots of restaurant choices, especially Asian.  (Have I mentioned how much we miss Asian food?) 

One of my favorite Asian dishes is Bo Bun or Bun Bo, a Vietnamese noodle salad dish.  I really like it.  And of course everyone has their own way of making it special.  If you want to read about the dish and get a recipe for it, click on this link from David Lebovitz’s blog.

I have probably been eating this dish for 20 years.  Definitely I can remember having it at a Vietnamese restaurant in Arlington, VA with Ben and our friend Allan who was visiting from Michigan 10 to 15 years ago.  Allan was interested in the dish and quizzed me about it.  That is why I remember the meal so well. 

So here we go, dishes of Bo Bun from Nice

nice in december 2014 033

The first night at Blue Dragon.  Okay, the sauce was not as vinegary/limey as I would like.

nice in december 2014 043


Second night, Mad in Viet, which used to be our favorite place.  It might have had a staff/ownership change.  Not nearly as good as it used to be.  Prices were higher.  The beef was sautéed with onions/shallots and I thought there was too much mint. 

nice in december 2014 052

Lunch the third day at O’Crazy.  Very, very good.  Presented the way I am used to seeing it.  Some shallots sautéed with the beef along with some mint but not overpowering.  Home made egg rolls or nems.  I would go back for this.

nice in december 2014 064


Lunch, the fourth day at Baguettes di Bambou.  This was not Bo Bun instead grilled pork skewers with salad.  Essentially a deconstructed Bo Bun.  Really good since I was able to remove the whole bunch of mint that was on the plate.  Everything but eggrolls which after the home made ones from the day before will forever be hard to top.  Very good.  I would go back for this too. 

nice in december 2014 065


Certainly the dish to order if you like mint….

Restaurant info: (You can find these on Trip Advisor)

Le Dragon Bleu

2 Bis rue Paganini, 06000 Nice, France

+33 4 93 87 15 45


Mad’In Viet

2 Place Saetone, 06000 Nice, France (Centre)



O’Crazy Asian Food

78 Rue de France, 06000 Nice, France

06 33 49 07 03


Baguettes de bambou (Les)

14, rue Paganini, 06000 Nice, France (Thiers / Train Station)

33 4 9388 7481



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