Banh mi


From Wikipedia this is what a banh mi is.

Bánh mì (/ˈbæn ˌm/; Vietnamese pronunciation: [ɓǎɲ mî]) is a Vietnamese term for all kinds of bread. The word is derived from bánh and (wheat). Bread, or more specifically the baguette, was introduced by the French during its colonial period.[1] The bread most commonly found in Vietnam is a single serving baguette, therefore the term bánh mì is synonymous with this type of bread. The bánh mì is usually more airy than its Western counterpart, with a thinner crust. It is sometimes metonymous with a food item known as a "Vietnamese sandwich" (or, in parts of the United States, as a "Vietnamese Po-boy"[2] or "Vietnamese Hoagie"[3]), for which the bánh mì serves as the bread wrapper.

I had my first one in New Orleans a few years ago and have been searching for a wonderful sandwich like that again.  Had another one in Louisville on our last trip there.  It was okay.  And I have been trying to make them but a key ingredient is the bread.  Since we were in France why not try them? 

After ordering something else, (which was very good) Ben and I realized that O’Crazy served banh mi.  He wanted to go back but for us getting to O’Crazy was difficult.  So we tried Les Baguettes des Bambou.  But they had not made any that day.  That left one day to try banh mi.  And one place to try…Banh Mie, in the old part of Nice.  It was doubtful that I could get Ben there so we decided that I would go and bring them back.   I took pictures of the experience so that Ben won’t miss anything.


nice in december 2014 074


It’s the bread…

nice in december 2014 075

nice in december 2014 076


Lots of good fresh cukes, lightly pickled carrots


nice in december 2014 078

And here’s the finished sandwich.  We got one of each, caramelized chicken, beef and shrimp.  The chicken was the best.  They were good and we will go back.  But I will also go back to that little hole in the wall in New Orleans too. 

Restaurant info: 

Banh Mei

6 Rue Rosseti, 06300 Nice, France

+33 6 35 54 11 21


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