More shots from Nice


Sometimes I have great pictures but just can’t string them together to make a post.  This is one of those times…

nice in december 2014 029

For my friend BK, she and I sat at this bar and had a drink a few years ago.

nice in december 2014 030

The most delicious calamari that we have ever had.  It was so good that we went back a few night later to have it again.  It was breaded and lightly fried but kind of grilled too.  So tender and so good.  At the Le Dragon Bleu.

nice in december 2014 024


What all the holiday lights looked like during the day.

nice in december 2014 059


The same one at night.  We had a corner room here, the one next to the hotel sign.

nice in december 2014 035

Artwork at the tram stop.  Look at the sky.

nice in december 2014 042


Happy Ben with Asian food.

nice in december 2014 053


Happier Ben with Asian food

nice in december 2014 091


What a nice terrace…

nice in december 2014 097


Oh look, we’re back in sunny Italy…




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