Nice, the pink wine tour


The south of France is known for wonderful fresh, fruity light pink colored wine.  Most of them are a blend of grenache and cinsault grapes.  I really like this wine.  When you go in a large grocery in the south of France there is usually a 10 to 12 foot section of nothing but this wine.  All made by different folks.  All bottled differently.  All tasty.  Of course I want to try them all.  But we are never there long enough.  Really!  I think trying a bottle of each could easily take 6 months are longer.  There are that many choices.

Anyway, I decided to photograph each bottle that we tried each night so that perhaps before our next trip I will review these pics and try a few different ones. 

nice in december 2014 038

I picked this bottle the first night because I have had it before and didn’t want to take a risk on my first bottle of wine.  Note my rose colored glass that made the trip with us. 

nice in december 2014 039


The next night was what used to be my ‘splurge’ wine from Whole Foods in Virginia, where I used to pay $8 to $10 a bottle for it.  In France I paid around 4 Euros for it, about $5 at current favorable exchange rates.  Chickens on the label always sold me in Virginia too.

nice in december 2014 071


If you have not already figured it out, I am not an informed wine buyer/consumer.  I pick by price point and by the picture on the label.  What can I say… I liked the sail boat.

nice in december 2014 093


And the last bottle.  (Some computer geek invaded my pink wine portrait studio!)  Again, the label intrigued me.  I liked this one the least. 

So that is my totally self indulgent wine tour of Nice.


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  1. BK McCloud

    Enjoyed your wine tour of Nice & France. Cheers!

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