Shopping? Did someone say shopping?


One of the reasons we like to go to Nice is to shop.  I am not saying that Italy does not also have good shopping.  It is just nice to see something different.  (This is the last post about our trip to Nice in early December) 


nice in december 2014 066


The Monoprix, a department store and grocery store was right outside our hotel.  I was in there everyday.  That had a nice prepared food section.  A wonderful cheese counter.  It is a nice store. 

On the way out of town we made a stop at the big Carrefour, bringing back a few goodies.


nice in december 2014 099


Hmmm, duck breast.  All 3 pieces were 21 Euros or about $9 each.  I am able to get 2 meals for 2 people out of one breast.


nice in december 2014 102


They have more fat on them then Italian duck breasts. 


nice in december 2014 103


The leftovers make a great salad


nice in december 2014 100


Yes, I bought pre-made crepes.  We have been enjoying them filled with sautéed apples or pears.


nice in december 2014 101


And just a little cheese.  All good treats to have for the holiday season. 


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  1. Jim McCloud

    Yikes, these photos just make me hungry!

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