Ohhh, they treat me so nice

Guest Post by: Nerone, the dog

Well, my Ben and She Who Most Be Obeyed, just had to run off to France.  I had to hear all about how the ‘sainted Siena’ loved to go to France.  Blah blah blah.  I chose to go to the spa.  I have friends there who look after me pretty well so it isn’t bad at all.  A few days away from cats and chickens and I’m a new dog!

At least they brought me something

christmas new years 2014 008


christmas new years 2014 009


It looks really nice with the other pillow that I already had.  She says she might to some research (what ever that is) and paint my family tree on the wall by my bed. 

Since it turned cold, I’ve taken to making sure my Ben is all tucked in and that She is too and then I leave to sleep on my bed in the room that I let Ben use during the day.  At night it is my room with my dining table and bed.  Anyway, I sing Ben a little lullaby before I leave.  She makes fun of me saying that I am trying to sing ‘Soft Kitty’.  Like I would sing a song about cats…. it is supposed to put Ben to sleep not make him have nightmares! 

You know it is really hard to be their dog but they treat me okay I guess. 



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  1. BK McCloud

    Pillow is absolutely adorable and so appropriate.

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