Celebrating New Years

I have not over looked Christmas.  We had a wonderful lunch at our friends’ house, Grace and Gian Carlo.  It was a multicourse affair featuring home made ravioli.  All very tasty.  Unfortunately I was in one room and my camera in another.  So no pictures.  Trust me, it was memorable. 

For New Year’s Eve we were at Dinah and Allen’s house in Lucignano.  They have a large, well suited for entertaining space and they enjoy giving a party.  The food was catered by the restaurant next door, Il Gochino. 

A number of folks who follow this blog enjoy seeing the food pictures so here they are. 

christmas new years 2014 032


christmas new years 2014 037


christmas new years 2014 038

Numbers in the pictures below correspond to the numbers on this list.

christmas new years 2014 021

5.Pecorino Bavarian with fava beans, sort of a light room temperature cheese mousse  Very tasty!

christmas new years 2014 022

4. I can’t read the description, but it was a light shrimp mousse wrapped in a light noodle


christmas new years 2014 023

3. Salmon crème brulee

christmas new years 2014 024

9. Broccoli with a saffron eggy/souffle bite. 

christmas new years 2014 025

8. Cured meat with a little cone of chopped fruit.  Very Tasty.


christmas new years 2014 026

10 The chef’s presentation of a traditional Tuscan dish, pinzimonio, a seasoned olive oil with raw vegetables.  Very tasty too.

christmas new years 2014 027

6. Brioche and foie gras with an onion compote

christmas new years 2014 028

2. Scallops with a potato puree and pistachios


christmas new years 2014 031

1. Scallops with avocado. 

christmas new years 2014 029

7  Traditional Tuscan New Years dish, lentils and pork

christmas new years 2014 036

The countertop was wearing its yule log.

christmas new years 2014 034

It was a dress up occasion, stylish foot wear was worn.

christmas new years 2014 039

Even the renaissance reindeer were wearing bells. 

It was a lovely evening, topped off with a fireworks viewing on the terrace of the whole valley welcoming in 2015.  Thanks for including us. 


1 Comment

  1. BK McCloud

    I can not think of a better place to spend New Year’s Eve! Lucignano, good friends,good food! What more could you ask?

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