The reindeer continue their tour

The reindeer have moved on from Paris to Holland

january 2015 030


I had so much fun with the reindeer during the holidays that I decided to let them start traveling around using many of the ‘trinkets’ that we have picked up in our travels.  And it is a good way to cover up the ugly stuffa that sits right inside our front door and is the first thing that anyone sees when they come in.  The stuffa is left over from the previous tenant and I can’t get it moved by myself and really should not have to since the previous tenant should have disposed of it if she didn’t want it.  It does offer a measure of protection for the door that it sits in front of and blocks the chilled air from coming in, so it isn’t too bad to have it there.  And now that the reindeer are using it, all the more exciting. 

It is also a way for me to have and enjoy fresh flowers.  I really like them but can’t have them in our apartment because of the pollen.  And since the space is not heated the flowers last a long time and bring a bit of color to our day.  And of course there is always the excitement of what will she wear next?


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