Shall we lunch?

In the winter it really takes a lot to get me to agree to go out of the house after dark.  I don’t like wearing a coat, hat, gloves, trying to move in them, drive in them, and all.  So the idea of going for lunch on a sunny day is quite appealing. 

Our friends Dinah and Allen had been the week before with Grace and others to AKA TAIYOO in Arezzo.  We could not go because we were waiting for the plumber.  (what we did for the better part of January)  Dinah and Allen enjoyed it so much they were ready to go back.  So off we went.

As you might guess it is Japanese.

The set lunch, which I had, starts with a bento box

january 2015 008

which included miso soup, a salad, rice and a piece of grilled tuna.  Now, I don’t eat much fish or seafood but this is one of the best pieces of grilled tuna I have ever had.  Really good.  Poor Ben, he knows that he can usually count on me passing over a large portion of any fish I encounter but not this time.  (the sauce in the shell dish is to die for)

This was followed by

january 2015 010

what I had selected which was Katsudon, a thin pork cutlet which is breaded and fried.  I have made this at home for a number of years but have never eaten it at a restaurant.  So I was pleased to try it and it was really good too.  All this was 10 Euros.  A very good price.  There are about 6 other choices on the set lunch menu, all of which include the bento box and whatever ‘main course’ you pick for 10 to 12 Euros.  Very good value for the money. 

Others had bait, or you might call it sushi, said to be very good too. 

All in all a wonderful lunch and some place we will be happy to go back to.

AKA TAIYOO Nippon Restaurant

Via Alessandro dal Borro 32

52100 Arezzo

Phone 0575 27780


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  1. Joe Beene

    I understand “bait.” I don’t do bait either.

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