I’m surrounded

Guest Post: By Nerone, the dog

Yes, indeed, Richard’s chickens are back for another visit.  And those ones that live near the big house come marchin’ down the drive every afternoon like they are comin’ to the land of milk and honey.  You know one of them saw She comin’ out the house with a big bowl of steamin’ rice for Richard’s chicks (why do they get a hot cooked meal?) and now they think She is gonna be servin’ them somethin’ like that?   Yeah, right, in your dreams. 

Anyway, She has to get all riled up about fixin a piece of furniture.  Puttin stuff in boxes, and laying down paper and paintin and stuff. 

valentine card 2015 014

This is what it looked like before She started paintin’.  Movin’ all this stuff around, that disturbs my chi you know.  I’m very sensitive to things like that. 

Finally, She got finished and put everything back together.  She made doors for the boxes and what do you think She painted on them?  CHICKENS!!!!!!!  What’s wrong with a nice friendly dog face?  Really!

chick furniture 003

She told me that one in the lower left is called “Grand Dad’s Funeral, Look We Had Him Roasted”  Then it took her a whole other day to get everything unpacked and all.

chick furniture 006

Anyway, She is all happy that it looks organized.  And then She got another bed to replace the one that was here. 

chick furniture 011

And I’m thinkin that it is gonna be a nice comfy spot for me to lounge but there are all these chick pillows up on it.  And finally, Richard, you know sometimes I don’t think he is a good dog boy, anyways, he brings her some picture of his home place in Ireland with chickens in it so she has to hang all these chick pictures on the wall.

chick furniture 009

Man, I just hate it when she gets on these benders of doin’ things.  Everything goes to hell in a handbasket exceptin’ the project She wants to work on.  Do you know my dinner was LATE, two night in a row!!!!!!

january 2015 016

Ohhh, sometimes it’s just so hard to be a dawg!  






  1. Dinner, late, twice??! The scandal of it!! I feel your pain and hope that the situation improves – just don’t count your chickens…….!! ;o)

  2. Gail zeh

    Poor Nerone! He really does look out of sorts on his comfy rug. I like results of your project and love the cheery chicken bed!!!


  3. Anne

    Nerone really needs to write a book. (I think I am repeating myself…)

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