Lunching Again

This time we were alone.  Ben had a late afternoon appointment in Sansepolcro, about an hour from our house.  Frequent readers know that the women’s college that I graduated from, Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina, has a permanent study abroad program based in Sansepolcro.  So normally when we go there we stop in and enjoy lunch at ‘my college’.  So far this year, I have not seen any activity for this semester and sometimes they don’t have enough students signing up, so the program doesn’t happen.  (FOOLS!) 

Anyway, Ben pointed out that we could finally eat at the Chinese restaurant that we had walked past many times.  So off we went.

january 2015 036 

Hot and sour soup.  A disappointment.

january 2015 037

Steamed dumplings.  Hmmmm excellent.  Let me qualify that, these are most probably made off site, bought frozen and then microwaved to thaw before steaming.  No special sauce was served with them.  So by Hong Kong standards these were so bad but for here, pretty durn good.

january 2015 040

Our other dishes, I got carried away eating and forgot to take pictures, but there was a fried chicken bits, a seafood platter and mixed veg platter.  Most dishes are 3 to 6 Euros a dish.  Tasty, excellent by Italian standards. 

We will go back.

Ristorante Cinese Shanghai

Via San Puccio 29

Sansepolcro (AR)

0575 736560


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