Disappeared Again


Gosh, it has been so long since I was able to sit down for more than a minute at my computer.  Finally, a calm, cloudy, almost rainy day when I have a chance to catch up.  Too wet to work in the garden, too wet to hang laundry out but not too wet to let the dog sit outside.

So what have we been up to?  Well, there was the giant storm that I wrote about in early March.  It only took us a few days to get over it, but the damage here on the estate has taken all of March and half of April to repair.  All the trees that fell or were damaged have been removed, the stumps cleared and replacements planted.  The roofs have been repaired and most of the stucco damage has been fixed.  The estate has hosted 2 events so far but the big event, ‘the wedding of the year’ is still coming up in May.  There will be some more posts about that has it draws nearer.

A week or so after the storm my computer started acting squirrely.  Finally, it just surrendered and went comatose.  I tried several fixes and then took it to the computer guys in Monte San Savino.  They spent a week fixing it and then we spent 2 days working together to get keyboard reconfigured to match what is printed on the keys and to get the program that I use to write these blog entries reloaded.  I had to spend another few days getting it connected to my internet and tweaking this and that.  All of this happened during the ACC and NCAA basketball tournaments.  And even though I have a tablet and a Smart TV I still was not able to see a single game.  I probably could have watched on my computer if it had been feeling up to it but sadly that was not the case.  However, Ben and I still observed that most important time of year by having traditional tournament foods; hot dogs, pizza, bbq pork, popcorn, slaw, sweet tea.  We were only missing Krispy Kremes and Miller Lite beer. 

Easter came and I felt like the temperatures would start to be reliably warm.  HA!  Easter Monday morning brought SNOW!!!!!! I did not see it, either it came as rain here or it had melted by the time the dog and I wandered out.  But a number of others around us saw it.  Then on April 8th when Ben and I were going to an early AM doctor’s appointment in Arezzo we saw all the fruit trees that had been blooming encased in ice, glistening in the morning sun.  The farmers had run their sprinklers all night to form the ice to protect the buds and flowers.  I hope it worked.  We’ll see.  Now the temps are in the 40s at night and high 60s to 70s during the day.  Occasional rainy days, like today, which we need to get rid of all this pollen.  Night time temps start to rise to the 50s this next week.  That night time temp is important since tomatoes won’t set fruit below a certain temp.  I have not bought mine yet but plan to this next week and get them out. 


I have been working on a few projects around the house and of course the garden.  I’ll be writing about those soon.  Nerone has been asking to have a few moments to express his woes.  You know, he is so abused.  It is just awful, the poor dog.  Lots to look forward to.  I’ll leave you with some early morning mist pictures taken from Monte San Savino in late March. 

march april 2015 055


march april 2015 056


march april 2015 057


march april 2015 059


march april 2015 060











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