First Spring Looks in the Garden


You knew I would be writing about my garden.  It is looking pretty good.


march april 2015 006

There is always some damage from the chickens scratching around.  I have started turning the hose on them and I think they are getting the message.

march april 2015 005

My hydrangeas are coming back and look very good.  The chilly weather the week after Easter did not nip them. 


march april 2015 002

The daffodils that Thane planted for me in 2013 have done very well this year.  And the new ones from fall 2014 have done well.  (Close ups in the daffodil portrait post to follow)


april 2015 006


april 2015 007

Following along a week or so later are the muscari.  I have two kinds this year.



march april 2015 004

The iris near the house have done well too.  The new bed of them that Richard helped me make has not started to bloom.  But I think that I remember it was later last year also.

 april 2015 025

march april 2015 003


april 2015 024

The pots of pansies look better each day.  I think the choice of blue/yellow and white/blue/yellow was a good one. 


march april 2015 072


march april 2015 074


Elsewhere around the house are pots of blue pansies.


april 2015 009


april 2015 008


What would I do if I couldn’t buy blue pansies?


march april 2015 078

april 2015 016

The elephant ears which were started inside and given a boost of warmth by lounging around on the top of the stuffa have been booted outside.  They should be okay outside now and will benefit from the additional light.  They will go in the pots that the pansies are in so another month or so before they need to be ready. 

Richard and some guests were by and they helped move the asparagus ferns out.  As usual they look awful but will rebound with this rain and warm weather.  Richard also scavenged some really nice pots and 2 hydrangeas from a project that he is working on and brought them to me.  I’m real excited about those. 

 Enough garden tour. 






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