Japanese Lunch


In March, we met up with Grace, Lud and Marlene and others at  Sushi Bar  No. 1 in Arezzo for lunch.  It was on a Friday and Lent was still going on so Ben was supposed to be ‘sacrificing’ by not eating meat that day.  So we had all agreed on this sushi place.  For 12 Euros you pick 5 things from different categories.  There was enough choice for a picky person like me who eats very little seafood or fish. 

march april 2015 014

Here’s Grace and the really pretty tea pot.


march april 2015 015

Ben on the left and Lud.  Grace found Lud and Marlene and introduced them to our group.  Lud and Marlene are here for a year, staying between Marciano and Monte San Savino.  At the end of the summer they’ll decide if they want to stay for longer or not.


march april 2015 016


Ben’s plate of bait.


march april 2015 017

Spring rolls


march april 2015 018

My katsudon with ramen noodles.  I also had a plain katsudon which is a thin slice of pork that is breaded with panko and fried. 


I was sitting across from Ben but did not hear all of his order.  I did watch him eat.  But it wasn’t until six hours later that I realized that he had ordered and eaten katsudon also.  Breaking his Lenten sacrifice.  I mean really!!!!!

All the food was good and it is certainly good value for money.  I happen to like the sauces at Aka Tai where we had eaten a few weeks before with Dinah and Allen.  But I will go back to either place.

Sushi Bar No.1

Viale Michelangelo 32/34


Phone 0575 041 1863



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