So it was March…


I was bored.  My computer was dead.  I couldn’t watch basketball.  It was still too cold to be outside.  I was bored.  I finally decided that I should break down and paint the living room. 

When we moved down here a year ago, Costantino came in and started repairing the walls before he started discussing with me that I would have to buy the paint if I wanted the place painted.  We just did not have the $75 to $100 per room to paint.  So he stopped repairing and we were left with walls that had white spackle spots on them.  Random white spackle spots.

As I said, I was bored, feeling sorry for myself because I was missing some fine, fine basketball.

april 2015 031


april 2015 032


march april 2015 068

What can I say… follow the bouncing ball as it travels around the room.  But no more random white spackle spots.

And then I got even more carried away and decided to make a ‘slipcover’ of sorts for this great chair that Richard gave me.


april 2015 034


I couldn’t use the fabric as it was.  Noooooo I had to quilt each circle.  Took FOREVER!  Got over being bored as oodles of stuff and things that need to be done got ignored while I hyper-focused on quilting circles! 

And then I just had to get some blue in the room so the one remaining wall which did not have balls bouncing around on it became blue.

april 2015 033 

After I get caught up, I have another chair that I might use the same fabric on and that room will pretty much be done.  (In the above picture, the furniture is not warped, the floors are sloped) 

Funny how the power of sports can touch our lives.



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  1. I love the way you redecorated your room. White and blue look very “maritimo” to me, a holiday feeling. And I like even more your slipcover. You were very courageous and patient to quilt around the circles. It looks lovely and lively. The more uneven the stitches, the more creative it looks. This is my way of quilting these days, improvisation with patterns and colors. A quilter friend of mine in California has just published a book about “Improv’ quilts”. Fascinating. Thanks for your visit and positive thoughts for me 🙂

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