Guest Post by Nerone, the dog

There I was, being a good dog,

march april 2015 024

takin’ a nap, stayin’ out of the way…

march april 2015 025

Sound asleep, peacefully and…


march april 2015 026


She Who Must Be Obeyed comes in. All fussin’ and stuff.


march april 2015 027


She wants me to go pick out pictures or somepin’.  Like She is gonna stop what’s Shes doin’ and finally paint my room?


march april 2015 021


Well, I went anyway.  She made me drag out all my family pictures and pick  out the ones I want her to use.


march april 2015 022


And now look, that’s all she’s done, is stuck’em up on the wall.  Mannnnn! I could have done that.  I don’t know.  She is just not listenin’ to me you know.  I think I’ll ask my friend Richard to just come and paint what I want. 

And to top it all off that youngin’ upstairs got cat scratch fever!  See, I tell them and tell them about cats but does anyone listen?  

It’s just hard to be a dog!







  1. Gail zeh

    Love Nerone!!!

  2. Anne

    A poodle? Really?? Must’ve been some adoptions in your family!

  3. Sherrie gentry

    Too funny!!!

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