Daffodils Portraits


When we lived in Virginia I had a number of varieties of daffodils.  Their blooming periods would overlap.  Each year I would try to cram one of each of them together in a vase and take a group portrait.  Here I don’t have nearly as many varieties and they bloom separately with little overlap.  So their portraits have to be ‘fluffed out’ with other spring greenery.  I finally realized that the stuffa that was left from the previous tenant of our apartment was not going to go anywhere (unless I moved it and it is very heavy) so I have turned it a ‘feature’.  Some place for our ‘lobby flowers’.  That way I get to enjoy them but don’t have the pollen in the house with us.

march april 2015 008

The earliest with flowering quince


march april 2015 041

The group from the lavender pot with flowering pear maybe.  Don’t miss Bendy and Bendy Jr. riding a chicken.

march april 2015 042


march april 2015 046


april 2015 017

The ones that were planted last fall.

april 2015 020

april 2015 023

These are very delicately colored.  They start with the yellowish color which after a day or so changes to sort of a melon/pink.  Very pretty.  The smaller white flowers come from the property. 

april 2015 026

There are drifts of them wherever Costantino and his tractor and the chickens have let them be. 

And those are the Spring, 2015 daffodils.







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