Wisteria Time


Right outside my office window is a pergola that is covered in light pink wisteria.   I would describe the smell as being ‘cloying sweet’.  The bees certainly love it.

april 2015 001


april 2015 002


april 2015 004


april 2015 011

Elsewhere on parts of the property, Costantino has not yet gotten around to mowing so there is a sort of romantic wildness about it. 

april 2015 026

White flowers bulbs of some sort that have naturalized.  Before the chickens got in and started scratching around they were much prettier.


april 2015 027 

The little white flowers are what I call ‘Tuscan daisies’.   They have an altitude range, above a certain level they don’t grow.  We did not have them at the other place where we lived.


april 2015 028


april 2015 029

It really does look like something that you would see in a movie.



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