The Garden, Spring 2015


I am very lucky that the folks that we rent from allow me to use a bit of the yard to make a garden in.  I love my garden.  As soon as weather permits I sit in it in the morning and drink my glass of tea.  In the evening, I sit in it and have a glass of wine,  I spend hours deciding what to plant in the pots.  I arrange pots and then rearrange them and finally move them again.  I water, feed, dead head and fuss over the plants.  I threaten chickens with bodily harm if they even look at the garden.  I spend a lot of money on the garden, but from April to October I get a lot of enjoyment out of it too.

This year I was ‘gifted’ with a number of polystyrene pots that look like terra cotta pots.   It would be nice to have terra cotta pots but even if I felt like spending the amount that terra cotta costs I am not sure that I would.   Terra cotta pots are heavy.  It is best to move them inside during the winter.  They are a little temperamental, in that they will age and discolor, possibly crack or flake.  So I was very happy with the polystyrene and I was keeping them from the landfill.  All these new pots meant that I had new planting possibilities. 

even more iris 025

This is what 40 Euros worth of plants looks like.  4 flats of annuals at 8 Euros each, 3 tomato plants and 3 verbena that would be hanging basket candidates in the US.  This is just part of the purchase for this year.  All in all I probably spent about $100 on plants.  

even more iris 022

Last winter’s pansies did very well until the heat  the week of May 10th hit.  We had temps in the high 80s which was enough to start doing the pansies in.  Elephant ears go in their pots and they were just starting to be ready to transplant. 

birthday, wedding  early May 2015 017

I forced three pots of amaryllis last winter which were supposed to be birthday presents but they did not cooperate and bloom at the right time.  I didn’t want to throw the plants away because I like the foliage so I put them out in the garden with some others from years past.   So now they decided to bloom. 

birthday, wedding  early May 2015 021


birthday, wedding  early May 2015 143


birthday, wedding  early May 2015 043

Right now this is my favorite pot combination. 


birthday, wedding  early May 2015 044

I like the pink yellow of these flowers.  I can’t decide if these are snap dragons or stock.  Will they keep blooming all summer?  Richard and Ida call them ‘bocca di leoni’  mouth of the lion.  So snaps maybe…

birthday, wedding  early May 2015 057


After a week or so the pot has started to fill out.  I think that it is going to be a favorite for sure.


But this one is a contender too


birthday, wedding  early May 2015 059


And after I wrote in big letters on my carefully planned list  NO PETUNIAS!!!!   They never do well for me, probably because I will not cut them back when I should.


birthday, wedding  early May 2015 060

I bought one pot of them anyway to keep company with the portulaca.  The one on the right keeps getting attacked by something, that just digs around.  Don’t know if it is a lizard or a toad.  But I might have to take strong measures. 

There will be more pictures later of the garden.  I just know you will be waiting to see them.




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  1. Jane Mirko

    I love your flower pictures – they make my heart go pitter-patter, and I, too, would just sit and enjoy their beauty. Say, those are pretty cool pots for Styrofoam. Don’t know that I’ve seen any here at the local places. Must look harder.

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