Flowers from the wedding (Part 1)


Part of the TWOTY series

As promised here are some of the flowers from the wedding (see the post There’s a flower shop at Fontarronco for a full explanation)

wedding flowers 008


wedding flowers 013


I especially liked these glass balls. 


wedding flowers 011

They were hanging from the trees in the garden were the ceremony was to be held.  All hung and ready, they were to get single stems of flowers in them.  But it rained and the ceremony was moved indoors.


wedding flowers 018

I ended up with a few of these.  They will brighten up our next dinner.


wedding flowers 025


Costantino had been grooming the place for weeks.  The jasmine cooperated by being in full bloom.  The scent was there too.


wedding flowers 026

The front well was decorated too and the pergola that was supposed to be for the ceremony was moved out to the front courtyard. 


wedding flowers 074

You didn’t think the pergola would go undecorated did you?


wedding flowers 075

The lighting in the center was very dramatic, especially at night.

Flowers for the wedding party

wedding flowers 028

wedding flowers 030

wedding flowers 032

wedding flowers 031

Jolanda, the creator of all these ornaments. 

Watch for another post with the interior of the villa all dressed for dinner.




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