Flowers from the wedding (Part 2)


Part of TWOTY series

Inside the villa, the furniture had been moved out to make room for 100 people to have dinner.

wedding flowers 052

wedding flowers 048


wedding flowers 051


wedding flowers 054

wedding flowers 053

wedding flowers 050


wedding flowers 057

Every place Bianca could put flowers she had.  When you walked into the room you were immediately struck by how many flowers there were and how very sumptuous it was.  Tasteful, really not over done, but definitely luxurious. 

wedding flowers 056

This was the table for the bride and groom as it was getting decorated.  Behind the drape is a door that needed to be opened after dinner.  The door is normally not draped, it is painted and very ‘historic villa’ looking.  Not the best backdrop for photos of the happy couple.  Richard and I worried for days over this door trying all different things, because whatever was done needed to be removed quickly.  We ended up balancing a rod on the top of the hinges to hold the grey drape and stapling the brocade to the top of the door splitting it in the center.


See another post for outside the villa.


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