Flowers from the wedding (part 3)


Part of TWOTY series

The outside of the villa which is impressive any day, absolutely glowed. 

wedding flowers 084

Do you even notice the petunias that Richard and I were so worried about?


wedding flowers 082

These shots were taken on Sunday morning.  The sunny day after the rainy Saturday wedding day. 


wedding flowers 077

Same view the night before with the whoop de doo pink lighting.  Which was really cool.


wedding flowers 080

How much do you think these young women will want to have a wedding just like this?


wedding flowers 066

The bride before the wedding coming down from the great hall.


wedding flowers 056

Remember these doors inside, where the bride and groom sat.  Well these are …

wedding flowers 062

the other side of them that open out into the back courtyard where the room  is where the cake was being served. 


wedding flowers 061

This is the huge display of flowers that the guests saw coming down those stairs.  The top of this pot is taller than I am so that gives you an idea of how large this was.


wedding flowers 069

And this is the man, in his kilt, (Richard) who had to climb up on the ladder to take down the drapes over the door.  I heard it was one of the more exciting moments of the dinner!

When it was all over, here is where some of the flowers ended up


wedding flowers 091

The World War II cemetery in Foiano

wedding flowers 110

In my garden


wedding flowers 107


Outside the door to my house


wedding flowers 103


wedding flowers 112

Inside the door to my house

wedding flowers 099

And in my house


If you still have not seen enough or want to see much better pictures go to Bianca’s facebook page

link to facebook

click on the video called

Het avontuur “Een bruiloft in Toscane”

and watch the lovely video.  I appear in it briefly. 




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