One More Thing Breaks….


There has been a recent discussion in blog land about folks who post only ‘my perfect  family did this’, ‘see how perfect my cake looks’ and on and on types of posts.  I was thinking about this, and many of my posts tend to be upbeat, cheery, look at what’s going on types of posts. Which is not unusual since  in ‘real life’ I am pretty much that way.  Originally, when I started my blog it was intended to be a way for our friends and family to keep up with us and what we are doing.  It has now sort of developed a life of its own.  While I still have one intended reader in mind and I write as if I was writing a letter to her my blog seems to have an appeal to folks who don’t know me ‘from Adam’s housecat’. 

So just to balance things out and to take a break from looking at my beautiful garden or any more flower pics I’ll write about what has happened in the last 10 days or so. 

First it was the rubber gasket around the passenger door of the car.  Every 4 months or so it works its way loose and I have to take the car in to have it reglued.  It is just easier for me to drive over and make an appointment in person.  Sometimes they will just handle it on the spot.  So I went, also asking them to drive it or take a look at the suspension.  The car had developed a disturbing way of the back end of the car swaying when we went over a rough patch of road.  They popped it up on the rack and decided that all 4 ‘dampers’ (don’t ask me the English for it) had to be replaced.  And they agreed to finally replace rather than reglue the door gasket.  And I managed to convince them that the AC really didn’t work. (Keep in mind that the majority of Italians believe that any moving air is dangerous and even more so if it is below body temperature. So this issue of the AC has been going on for a while.)    I made an appointment. 

Then the electric hot water pot that I make tea with every morning died.  There was only a little bit of buildup on the coils.  I soaked them in vinegar and cleaned and it still didn’t work.

Then the printer started acting up.  I replaced both cartridges which are not cheap even though I use locally refilled ones.  I cleaned print heads.  I plugged and unplugged.  Nope.  It is over 8 years old so I think we have gotten our money’s worth out of it.

Then Ben’s ears got blocked with ear wax.  The first appointment that we could possibly get was 3 weeks away.  I would have killed him before that.  Our neighbor Ida, helped us make a private appointment.  He also had an appointment this week to privately visit a podiatrist to get his toe nails cut.

So we just bled money all week.  $850 for the car. Ears $60. Nails $40.  I still have not replaced the hot water pot or the printer.  Nerone’s special dog food is $25 a bag. 

And on Saturday I did a load of wash and discovered the less than 6 month old washing machine was leaking from the bottom. 


One more thing breaks and I will cry!   


But how about a sunset picture or two


peeka peeka 008


peeka peeka 010











  1. grace brousseau

    Martha I take my mom to the Estetista,,,10 eu,,,

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  2. Linda

    Do just what you do. Your blog is anticipated and enjoyed every time. Love to you and Ben.

  3. Thanks Linda, for all your comments and for reading. I’m glad someone keeps up with us.

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