The Bronte Sisters Entertain


A few weeks back, Richard brought over his chickens, The Bronte Sisters, to stay at Auntie Martha’s Holiday Hen House.  The sisters are regulars there and always enjoy their stay.  (Look for their reviews on Trip Advisor) (just kidding)


This time they had the added benefit of hanging out with Nerone’s homies, the boys upstairs and their friend. 


march april 2015 052

I think this is Charlotte with Leonardo


march april 2015 054

And here are Emily and Anne with Lorenzo and his friend.  You’ll note Nerone in the background keeping a watchful eye. 

march april 2015 053


I was amazed that these three hung out with the chickens for at least a half an hour maybe longer.  But they are well socialized chickens and can hold up their end of a conversation.  As long as there is rice….


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