Man, that woman!


Guest Post: by Nerone, the dog


So She Who Must Be Obeyed and I were out for our morning walk and She started jamming this flower pot saucer under me when I was trying to ‘shake a leg’.  I mean, really!  She and I are close, but this is about the limit!  Then we had to stop and She poured the little bit that She caught in some tube.  I don’t know where She got that from.  And then She jammed that saucer under me AGAIN!  Well I just stopped what I was doing so we had to walk some more.  I tried shaking my leg again and there was that saucer AGAIN!  I let her have a little bit, thinkin’ maybe She’d leave me alone,  But NOOOOOO, after we walked some more and I just couldn’t wait any longer I pretty much filled up the plant saucer but made sure to catch it with my leg so that She got all splashed!  Man, She was irritated!  But She finally got enough to fill up that little tube. 


end of may 2015 003


And then when we get back to the house She makes me go back inside instead of sittin’ out under my tree and workin’.  And She goes rushin’ off to Arezzo.  And then She’s back fussin and all because I have to have some special, expensive food.  I have crystals!   Whatever that means.  So that silly doctor in Arezzo suggested a new food.  Well, we all know how I feel about changin’ anything.  Never a good idea.  I see a lot of vomiting ahead….


birthday, wedding  early May 2015 082


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