2015 Extravaganza


The first in a series

Way back In January, I realized that Ben would be having a significant birthday this summer.  A few years back when one of my significant birthdays arrived, Ben and I celebrated in Monte Carlo and he gave me a beautiful piece of jewelry (that was when we still had hotel loyalty points and airline miles, oh, and money).   (He also gave me a card, which I set on the top ledge of the bed head board which was very tall and flush against the wall.  Well somehow the card fell down behind the head board that went all the way to the floor and there was no way to get it out.  It must have been a true puzzle when the room was redone and the furniture moved  to find this card.)  So he had set the bar for significant birthday celebrations pretty high.  What to do….what to do?

I started looking on the internet.  I found this great trans-Atlantic cruise that left from Italy, made several stops in Spain and Portugal and then docked in New Orleans where Ben’s oldest daughter and grand daughter live.  Perfect, absolutely perfect.  I was ready to book but then decided I should check on return to Europe airfares.  Well, the one way airfare back was more than the 15 day cruise.  I decided to email the cruise line to see if they could offer any suggestions.  It took them 4 WEEKS to respond.  Guess what, I had moved on to other ideas by then.

I finally hit on a plan to bring Ben’s daughter and grand daughter to us.  Maria and Spring were excited to come.  The other daughter, Annalisa, helped them book a ticket.  And today, using some deceit involving our friends John and Richard, Ben and I set off to the train station in Arezzo to pick up John and Richard’s Belgian friend and her daughter. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)  But look who turned up instead….

 spring and maria arrive 043

 Maria, Ben and Spring



Now, we are off to France.  Spring attends a French immersion charter school in New Orleans.  And we are going to be the grand parents that take her to France.  So it will be a while before you see anymore posts but watch for them. 








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