Shots from Sagras


We have been to a number of sagras.  Here are a few shots from some.

2015 tomatoes 006

This is ostrich

2015 tomatoes 005

I was pleased to see how they have expanded the menu to include more ostrich dishes.  An antipasto with ostrich, 2 pastas with ostrich sauce, a tasting plate of ostrich meats, ostrich meatballs or cubes, filet of ostrich, cut steak of ostrich, ostrich liver with beans, ostrich burger with fries, ostrich sausage and a pizza with ostrich on it which Annalisa tried.

2015 tomatoes 010 

She thought it was tasty, sort of like beef filet.

The next week, we were at the first night of the goose sagra in Ruschiello. 


goose sagra, july 2015 002

This is a very popular one that is well organized. 

goose sagra, july 2015 022

First you get a sheet and the instructions say, using a toothpick, push a hole through the number of items that you want.  (hmmmm, hanging chad?) 

goose sagra, july 2015 023

There are a number of goose dishes, two pastas with goose sauce, roast goose, steamed or boiled goose, goose neck that is stuffed with goose meat sausage.Then there is something called ‘onions of goose’ in a casserole?  But that is listed right above the watermelon gratin, (Cocomero in Gratella) the fried watermelon and the stuffed peas.  All of which are joke items on the menu.  So I can’t be sure if ‘onions of goose’ existed or not.  And looking back I am not entirely sure that we were really supposed to make holes in the paper with toothpicks or not.  Anyway, after figuring out your order then you get a number and wait for it to be called so that you can place your order. 

goose sagra, july 2015 001

We did all of that and since it was still early we waited a bit before being seated and had a beer, allowing Annalisa to walk around and look at everything. 

goose sagra, july 2015 004

The inside of the tent where we were eating had this great hand painted frieze wrapped around in it Bayeux Tapestry fashion. 

goose sagra, july 2015 009

goose sagra, july 2015 011

Annalisa was delighted with her goose, which was pronounced very tasty. 

goose sagra, july 2015 018

After wards, we stayed a bit so that she could go dancing.  But she and I both decided that the lead singer was nothing to write home about. 

goose sagra, july 2015 017



goose sagra, july 2015 013

Even though his merchandising folks would have you think differently.  Yes, underwear that says  you are thinking about him is available for sale.  

Lobster sagra the next night was a bit calmer.

goose sagra, july 2015 028

Ben was ready with our new lobster dish towel. 

goose sagra, july 2015 027

There was a seafood stew.  Very good

goose sagra, july 2015 026


Gnocchi with a lobster sauce.  Not that good.

goose sagra, july 2015 029 

Fritto Misto, fried shrimp and calamari.  Very good

goose sagra, july 2015 030

And the spiny lobsters.  Very good.  Served differently this year, with three sauces instead of the compounded butter that was served in the past. 

Afterwards we stayed to watch the dog demonstration


goose sagra, july 2015 036


The folks at the lobster sagra could not do enough to accommodate Ben and his wheelchair.  The folks at goose could have been a little more helpful and please don’t make a face when you see you have to seat someone in a wheel chair!






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