MISSING from the garden in July


Just as June ended and we were leaving for a week to go to France it turned unseasonably HOT!  Mid to high 90s everyday.  For here that is hot.  And it also stopped raining which is normal.  So I sold my soul by offering to Lekka and Costantino that I would look after their chickens for the two weeks that they are away if they would look after my garden, which meant watering everyday.  I also asked Richard and Ida to pitch in too.  The team effort worked well, no plants died from lack of water.

mid june 2015 001

However, this big hydrangea, that was part of my compensation for working 3 weeks on the wedding of the year, DISAPPEARED!  I am really upset about that. It was just waiting for fall to go in the ground after I move the iris to make room for it.  And I really don’t have 50 Euros to buy another big showy plant like that.  

mid june 2015 006

This one day lily bloomed and then some of the ones that Richard shared with me bloomed too.  Those were planted on the top of the small bank (above the iris)  to help hold the soil and should spread nicely. 

mid june 2015 008

The butterfly bush is covered with blooms and has attracted better butterflies this year.  I guess it must have gotten good reviews on Trip Advisor.  (hee hee)


mid june 2015 012

These hydrangeas are doing well.  I am thinking that I might look into a drip irrigation system for these. 

2015 tomatoes 004


2015 tomatoes 015

My first tomatoes were ripe when we came back.  I am afraid that these are the only two big ones that I will get.  The plant seems to have developed a virus.  They made good Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches though. 




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