Flying Cheese


Ben and I watch a lot of Italian TV.  There are several stations that have American shows in English.  But the ads are Italian.  Some of these ads I just can’t figure out.  The one that has most puzzled me this summer is one for Trivago which is a hotel/flight booking service (kind of like Expedia).  So the ad starts and the announcer says a hotel in the 1950s. It is obviously in Italy and there is a sketchy looking character counting money from a robbery.  The police arrive, take the thief off and leave a policeman there to guard the money.  The policeman falls asleep and you see a little boy peeping through a hole in the wall and looking at the money.  The little boy sneaks in  and steals a handful of money and says ‘I’m going to buy a mountain of desserts and candy.’  Next scene the little boy is being booked.  Fast forward to today and the little boy is an old man, released from jail, cut to a scene of the hotel room looking just the same but with a bit of money stuffed in a crack of a piano.  Now please tell me, how is this supposed to make me want to use this booking service for a room that hasn’t changed in over 50 years and hasn’t been cleaned well enough to find this stash of money????????

One of my favorites is flying cheese. 

horse round up, august 2015 050

Here you see the packages of cheese flying through the countryside.


horse round up, august 2015 051

Getting closer…

horse round up, august 2015 052

At last arriving at a plate near you.


horse round up, august 2015 053

Nonno Nanni.  Il nonno piu buono che c’e.  Grandfather Nanni. (yes that is the name of the cheese) The best grandfather there is. 

And it turns out that a number of years ago, our neighbors, Lorenzo and Leonardo appeared in a Nonno Nanni ad.  Who knew we lived with stars.




  1. It is a weird ad indeed, but the fact we are here to talk about it means it works, in a way. As a matter of fact, the kid in the Trivago ad wasn’t booked, but hit on the head by something, and after that did not remember where he had hidden the money. How did Trivago know it ? Because they know everything about hotels. That’s the idea. It’s not important that the hotel remains dirty, they sell resevations and know everyhting about hotels.

  2. Thanks for your comment, between the background music and the speed that the announcer talks I missed understanding a lot of the dialogue. This does help explain it.

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