Quick Sagra Round Up


We’ve been busy this summer.  One of Ben’s daughters, Annalisa is still visiting.  She has made a few trips to visit friends and places she wanted to see and then comes back to us.  And when she comes back we try to go to a sagra or two. 


pizza, porcini august 2015 001

This is from one of our favorites, pizza in Marciano.  Just after I took this, the batteries in my camera died.  No pizza pictures.  But it was good.

pizza, porcini august 2015 017

Another weekend we were off to porcini in Cortona.

pizza, porcini august 2015 007

Cortona is a hill town and the park where the sagra is held has a great view across the valley. 

pizza, porcini august 2015 004

And of Lake Trasimeno.  We were there for the mushrooms….

pizza, porcini august 2015 011

pizza, porcini august 2015 016

It is a pretty focused menu, porcini in every dish.  Don’t come if you don’t like mushrooms.

pizza, porcini august 2015 020

Mushroom soup

pizza, porcini august 2015 021

Thin slice of beef with a mushroom gravy


pizza, porcini august 2015 022

Fried mushrooms

All very tasty.  Bet you wish you were here.



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  1. B K

    We do wish we were there!

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