Happy Anniversary to us


We have just completed our 8th year here and are starting our 9th.  How cool is that?

The first person we met when we arrived in Monte San Savino was our neighbor, Ida.

civitella dinner august 2015 013

At that time Ida lived next door to John and Richard in Gargonza where we were going to live.  When we arrived, we called her and she drove down to meet us and had us follow her back to John and Richard’s house.  She gave us the keys and showed us around a bit.  Now, after both Ben and I and Ida and her boys moved from Gargonza, down here to ‘the valley’, she lives upstairs and we live downstairs in the same house at Fontarronco.  It is an odd quirk of fate that it worked out this way but it did. 

To celebrate our anniversary we had folks over for Duckappaloosa!  on Friday, September  18.  And also so everyone got to see Annalisa one more time before she returns to Mexico.  She planned her summer wisely and used us as a home base while she made trips to Florence, Germany, London, Bulgaria and Istanbul. 

duckapaloosa sept 2015 109 

Annalisa with her vegetable ‘puppets’.  Strings of dried red peppers and eggplants.

duckapaloosa sept 2015 105

It’s a lot of duck!!!!


duckapaloosa sept 2015 106

And some nice Asian side dishes to go along.  Grace brought her coconut chicken soup which was really good and since I knew it was coming I was able to have enough matching bowls to serve it in, thanks to John and Richard.  Jules brought an apple crumble, very British.  Dinah and her entourage brought ice and lots of wine.  It was a lovely evening for everyone except the ducks.

duckapaloosa sept 2015 097

From the picture album of our move, September, 2007 with Siena at the border.




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