Lago Trasimeno


Finally the movie, The 2nd Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was being shown in English at the summer outdoor cinema in Lago Trasimeno.  Lago Trasimeno is across the valley from us, nearer to Cortona and Perugia.  It is about a 30 to 45 minute drive so we are not running over there everyday.  The lake was formed by a meteor and is quite large but not that deep.  The fortress/castle projects out over the lake.  Also on those grounds is the hospital. 

duckapaloosa sept 2015 001

duckapaloosa sept 2015 003

duckapaloosa sept 2015 006

We arrived early to enjoy a picnic dinner which we thought we would have at the castle.  It was closed after normal visiting hours, only to be reopened again right before the movie started.  So we set up our feast in the center of the hospital grounds overlooking the lake.  Opened our wine and enjoyed fried chicken.  (try to do something like that in America)

duckapaloosa sept 2015 009


Moonrise at the castle.  We watched the movie.  Came home and Nerone was mad that we had been out so late.  



  1. Michael

    Ken and I have pictures we took at that fortress! You didn’t say if you liked the movie. I thought the first was better…

  2. I thought the first one was better also. Maggie Smith did not have a large enough role in this one.

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