End of summer garden pics


It’s been a long time since I posted any pictures of the garden.  I just know you have missed seeing it.

duckapaloosa sept 2015 058

My crape myrtle had a lot of blooms but it is just not as full and leafy as I would like.  Of course that might be…

duckapaloosa sept 2015 061

because the butterfly bush right next to it is sucking all the life from it.  I have already schedule Richard for pruning next spring. 

duckapaloosa sept 2015 064

The elephant ear forest looks okay.  It has been very hot and dry here this summer.  Anything being alive and blooming is only because I have watered and watered. 

duckapaloosa sept 2015 076

This is a new variety of vinca for here.  At the nursery, there were only 3 plants left and I didn’t think I would like the color but once I got the plants in the garden they really brightened up the place and look good.  I’ll definitely look for these next year. 

duckapaloosa sept 2015 066

The impatience look good as do the hostas.  In related garden news, in less than a day, 3 of the 8 chickens in the 2 flocks that are on the grounds (not any of Richard’s chickens) were beheaded.  Now the chickens are no longer allowed to roam free and are under tight security and away from my garden.  So I will no longer have to burst out of the door screaming ‘no chickens in the garden’ and throwing water all around.  The hostas and impatiences will not miss them. 


                duckapaloosa sept 2015 117

The bottle brush is blooming again.  I’m real tickled with that.


duckapaloosa sept 2015 120

And this pink perennial lobelia finally decided to bloom.  The two red ones have been blooming most of the summer. 

duckapaloosa sept 2015 123

duckapaloosa sept 2015 126

I have pulled up the coleus from 2 pots in the front and put in blue pansies for fall and winter.  Also pulled up some tomatoes and set out some lettuce. 

duckapaloosa sept 2015 069

I have a large number of airplane plants and I am thinking of putting them in the ground to see if they make it through the winter.  I got the start for these plants from the ground at a hotel in Nice a few years ago.  And I know that it gets colder here than in Nice but I just can’t absorb all these plants into the house.  It is either in the ground or wintering over in the garage.  Maybe I’ll just try both.  I really have a lot of airplane plants. 

Okay, that’s the end of the garden tour. 




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  1. Grace Brousseau

    Beautiful,,,,,Gelosa sono io,,,

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