What would this cost in the US?


Sometimes I think about these things.

late september 2015 015

3 peaches, 6 pears, 2 tomatoes (one is from my garden) for under $3.


knittin pictures oct 2015 057

Three, beautifully ripe, ready to eat that day, pears for less than 60 cents US.

drugs, oct 2015 002

Post cataract surgery eye drops 45 Euros, roughly  $50.  And this was without any insurance plans or copays or whatever hoops one has to jump through to get drugs in the US.

drugs, oct 2015 011

4 ornamental cabbage 10,00 Euros or $11.20

16 pansies 8,50 Euros or $9.50.

late october 2015 001

 Two delicate, sweet heads of romaine lettuce less than .50.


late october 2015 003

late october 2015 004

Large, scary Halloween spiders on the outside of the house, Totally FREE!


We will be in the US in the next few weeks so I guess I will be able to answer my question.  Friends arrive to take care of Nerone so he is all set.  We plan lots of eating and visiting.   So I might not be posting as much but I’ll catch up.







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