Hmmmm, roasted fall veg


We really like vegetables.  And will easily have 3 or 4 at a meal.  I am sure there is, but off hand I can’t think of a vegetable that I don’t like.  Some I can no longer eat because they don’t like me, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t  eat them if I could.


knittin pictures oct 2015 001

So the Esselunga has been selling purple potatoes, grown here in Tuscany.  That is what is at the top, then a red pepper (one of those veg that doesn’t like me anymore) and the good green beans, the ones that in the US are called Italian green beans.  Very meaty.  Yes, on the next tray those are croissants (we’ll get to them) cauliflower and broccoli.  (My friend, BK will be pleased to see that I have FINALLY opened and started using the set of Wilton baking sheets that I bought the day after Thanksgiving in 2013.  Of course the biggest one was too big for my oven and my fridge and so it went to Richard.) 

knittin pictures oct 2015 007

I managed to get several meals out of those trays of veg.  This is one of Ben’s plate, he likes the red pepper and it doesn’t bother him.  The things at the bottom that look like mushrooms are very thin slices of beef that have been rolled around a cheese and arugula and then grilled.  They are my fall ‘go-to meat’.  Premade and ready to cook from Esselunga. 

To Esselunga’s credit they have improved their pre-made/ready to eat department since the Iper-Coop has been remodeled.  The Iper-Coop is now ALMOST as nice as a Carrefour.  (Of all the grocery stores I know, my top three would be Wegmans, Carrefour and Super H.  Followed closely by Harris-Teeter (or Harris Tweet as my father used to call them) Tang Freres, Lidl, The Fresh Market, then Giant, Iper-Coop and Whole Foods)  If the Iper-Coop would just expand their non-Italy section and add some decent French wines I might go there more than once a month.  (Only place that carries Nerone’s dog bones)  But I have digressed…

The croissants lounging on the tray were an experiment.  I had found this roll of pre-made dough in Esselunga.

knittin pictures oct 2015 005

I only bought it because it was made in France


knittin pictures oct 2015 006

Obviously made in France to Italian specs.  SO BAD!  Really!  I know there are a lot of folks who really like Italian ‘cornetti’ as these are called.  I guess it is what you grow up with. 

I think I’ll just stick with my roasted veg.


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  1. We love roasted veggies too, they are part of our daily diet. Those little meat rollups look yummy!

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