Ohhh, look what I found

Nothing like a New Year’s Clean out. Look what I found, lots of posts that had not yet seen the light of day. Hope you enjoy the six new ones below from last fall.



  1. Michael

    Don’t want to sound like a “know it all” but at Dulles, Upstairs in the middle of the ticket counters is a pleasant enough sit-down restaurant, the District Chop House, open all day. Hence there is one spot (and another is coming) that travelers and their companions can hang out before flights. True, many many more are out at the Concourses beyond security. However, the Chop House is in the bright natural lighting area of the front of the airport, has an open seating area and it is rather fun to watch all of the incoming passengers arriving with their bags from that vantage point! Had I been working at Dulles when you were leaving, I would have treated you to some wine at Vino Volo, a nice spot in the concourses to relax before a flight…and obviously I can go out beyond security…since I’m out there working every other week.

  2. We know the Chop House that is where we had lunch with the wonderful neighbor Jane who brought us to the airport. I was not impressed. It was expensive and the food was not worth it. Beer was good though. Jane kept saying all these places were supposed to be opening which is why I put that picture in so she would realize that most of them are behind security. Our plane was several hours late in leaving, so all told by the time we left I think we had spent about $100 on food and shakes (no more beer maybe that is why I don’t remember it fondly) at the airport none of which was not that good.

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