Fall trip, 2015, places we visited


We flew on KLM from Florence (can’t say enough good things about KLM.  Good airline) to Washington Dulles and spent a few nights in northern Virginia, then on to Virginia Beach.  From there we went to Lake Gaston, NC, then Raleigh, NC.  Back to Virginia Beach for one night and then along the eastern shore of Virginia and Maryland to Lewes, Delaware to catch the Cape May-Lewes ferry for Ocean City, New Jersey. (the ride along the eastern shore of Virginia and Maryland is very pretty and reassures you that agricultural America is still alive on the east coast)  Leaving OCNJ we were back in northern Virginia, then flying back to Europe for a 6 day stop over in Amsterdam before returning to Italy.  Put over 2000 miles on the rental car in the US. 

nov 2015, usa holland 008

Waiting at an impossibly early hour at the Florence airport.  Thank you Tom and Cathy for getting us there.


nov 2015, usa holland 046

Our old yard in northern Virginia (our house was torn down and this house was built).  The new owners chose to follow our tradition of planting elephant ears.

nov 2015, usa holland 067

Virginia Beach

nov 2015, usa holland 102

Planter at Cameron Village, Raleigh, NC

nov 2015, usa holland 115

Christmas lights, Cameron Village, Raleigh, NC

nov 2015, usa holland 133

Oyster Shell recycling, Emerald Isle, NC

nov 2015, usa holland 154

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel


nov 2015, usa holland 157

Entrance to the ferry.  More about this later

nov 2015, usa holland 289

Christmas decorations on city hall in  Ocean City, NJ.  I have heard that one of my Uncles started the tradition of decorating town hall.

nov 2015, usa holland 334

All the whoop dee doo restaurants that are opening at Dulles airport, beyond security.  So no hanging out with the folks who brought you to the airport.

nov 2015, usa holland 338

Busy waterways in Amsterdam.  (more about Amsterdam later)

This is your over view.  Boring vacation pictures to follow.


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  1. Sherrie and Franco

    Our grandaughter Mia..17.is living in Fredricksberg VA. With her dad Tim..she is a Senior..and will graduate in June..we hope to go east around that time and make the rounds at the relatives. .love the picts

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