Fall trip, 2015, the people we saw


You know, looking at someone’s vacation pictures can be a little boring.  I used to work with someone (Miriam) who always wanted to see my vacation pictures and always complained, ‘Martha!  You don’t take any pictures of people.”  So I thought of her when I decided to post these pictures this way.  And organizing them this way, I realized that I left a number of people out.  Sorry, we do appreciate everyone who made an effort to come visit us and squeeze into our tight schedule. (Debby and Pat, Carol and Jim and …)  For some reason I just did not take as many pictures as I could. 


nov 2015, usa holland 009

Our neighbor in Virginia, Jane.  Little did she realize all those years ago that when we moved next door to them it was a life-long commitment.  She is still coming to the airport to pick us up and drop us off.


nov 2015, usa holland 038

Ben’s Maryland family, his grand daughter Spring is next to him, her Mom, Maria, is behind him, Patty, Ben’s first wife (one of Spring’s many grandparents) is next and then Ben’s son Chris. 

nov 2015, usa holland 078

Ben with his sister Bea and the famous French Apple Pie


nov 2015, usa holland 085

Our friends, BK and Jim on the ends with  Ben and Bea in the middle.

nov 2015, usa holland 105

My friend from working in state government in North Carolina, Cathy and her daughter Cameron.  Scary, I have known Cameron since she was a little girl.  Glad to see she has the right taste in beer.  (or maybe that was all I had to offer)

nov 2015, usa holland 251

Turkey slayer or Turkey fryer?  Cousin Bonnie’s husband Pete all dressed to fry Thanksgiving turkey.

nov 2015, usa holland 244

Cousin Bill and Pete, discussing how to move all the furniture out to make room for the Thanksgiving table.

nov 2015, usa holland 318

Four generations, Aunt Mary (who is 102) with her niece Bonnie, her great niece Samantha with her great great niece and soon to be great great nephew. 


nov 2015, usa holland 321

Aunt Flos with Bill’s wife Penny.

nov 2015, usa holland 336

Veroniek, the owner of Accessible Travel Netherlands who met us at the Amsterdam airport and guided us through. 


nov 2015, usa holland 436

A rare shot of the two of us at a Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam.

nov 2015, usa holland 441

Traveling is nice, but sleeping in your own bed with your dog is the best!



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