Fall Trip, 2015, the non-Asian food we ate


nov 2015, usa holland 015

Wings, Bleu cheese bacon burger and onion rings from Foster’s Grille in Vienna, VA

nov 2015, usa holland 016

Yes, first full day back and I was buying CHEETOS!!!!


nov 2015, usa holland 048


Chili cheese dog from The Vienna Inn, Vienna, VA


nov 2015, usa holland 066

The most disgusting thing I had on the whole trip, a GIANT baked potato stuffed with cheese and shoe fry onion rings from Dickey’s BBQ in Virginia Beach, VA.  I barely ate 1/4 of it.

nov 2015, usa holland 071

Hmmm, another fav, spicy chicken biscuits from BoJangles

nov 2015, usa holland 080


The often talked about, rarely seen, French Apple Pie.  A basic double crusted apple pie with raisins in it, topped with a hard shell of white icing (because the pie is just not sweet enough).  Ben’s sister remembers them from growing up in the area and we found a Virginia Beach bakery that still made them. Of course we had to buy one.


nov 2015, usa holland 093

Chili dog with slaw from Taylor’s in Oxford, NC

nov 2015, usa holland 082

BBQ, mac and cheese, hush puppies, slaw from Wilson’s in Jarrett, VA.  We drove out of our way to eat there.


nov 2015, usa holland 098

What a southern meal!  Yellow squash, lima beans, BBQ chick, Brunswick stew, BBQ and slaw.  We made an hour and a half detour (each way) to eat lunch at McCall’s BBQ in Goldsboro, NC.  It was soooo good.


nov 2015, usa holland 099

Chicken dumplin’s and fried okra at Carolina Beach, NC

nov 2015, usa holland 110

Really messy but really good cheese burger from Chuck’s in Raleigh, NC


nov 2015, usa holland 130

Behold, the Oyster!  Again we drove way out of our way to eat at T & W Oyster Bar in Swansboro, NC.  Totally worth it.

nov 2015, usa holland 155

A fairly priced cold seafood plate of shrimp and half a lobster.  Rehoboth Beach, DE

nov 2015, usa holland 235

My cousin Bonnie and her husband Pete subscribe to a fresh food delivery service called Blue Apron.  A box arrives at their house with  the recipe, and all the ingredients portioned out.  Just a bit of chopping and stirring and  cooking and Voilà!  there is a nice main course dish for two.   They had saved 4 deliveries so that the six of us could enjoy them.


nov 2015, usa holland 279


The sub/sandwich platter at my cousin Lou’s birthday party.  I so miss platters like this and could have eaten the whole thing.

nov 2015, usa holland 347

Ben’s hot chocolate and apple pie in Amsterdam


nov 2015, usa holland 348

My hot cheese salad in Amsterdam. 

I feel like, that overall, the best food we had was in Amsterdam.  Lots of fresh vegetable/salad choices.  I found that many dishes in Amsterdam had nuts in them.  Which is fine with me but would not be okay for someone with nut allergies.  Not pictured are meals we had at the hotel where we stayed, The Doubletree by Hilton.  Breakfast every day was outstanding and Ben truly enjoyed it.  (That is not my favorite time of the day or meal of the day but even for me it was good.)  One blustery, rainy, cold night we decided not to brave the elements and ate dinner in the hotel.  I had a wonderful, just the right size steak and Ben had a nice pork chop, with beers and everything it was $75.  Not something we could do every night but certainly enjoyable. 

Excepting the BBQ and hamburger/hot dog places, for me American restaurant menus were just paragraphs describing each dish.  Wayyyy too many ingredients and always a number of things that I objected to or felt just were not right for the dish.  I began to feel like Goldilocks with all my adjustments when I was ordering…”Could this be made without… and …. and could the sauce be on the side?” 

nov 2015, usa holland 109

We came; We ate: We did not gain any weight!  And we usually don’t eat this much fried food.  Remember this was our vacation.





  1. Diane Welland

    Hi Martha, one look at all that food and I’m sure you got tired of it (the US food) real fast! I couldn’t eat like that but once or twice a year and I LIVE here! No wonder why Americans are so big!!! Hoping to visit again soon. — Diane from days past at NOVA

  2. No, we didn’t get tired of it since it has been 2 years since we were back. That’s a long time to wait for a good hamburger and good BBQ. You are right about portion sizes. My husband and I split most dishes or where we could took half home for a later meal.

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