Fall Trip, 2015, the Asian food we ate


It is no secret that we love Asian food.  Rural Tuscany is not known for a plethora of Asian  restaurants.  When we travel we eat a lot of Asian food.

nov 2015, usa holland 011

Just off the plane, our first stop was a Chinese restaurant in northern Virginia. 


nov 2015, usa holland 013

Hot and sour soup


nov 2015, usa holland 043

Grand daughter with Thai food. 


nov 2015, usa holland 045

More Thai food


nov 2015, usa holland 065

Hmmm, my favorite Vietnamese noodle salad in northern Virginia


nov 2015, usa holland 346

Thai food in Amsterdam


nov 2015, usa holland 404

Dim sum in Amsterdam


nov 2015, usa holland 426

Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam


nov 2015, usa holland 412

It was a fixed price meal.  You could pick whatever you wanted from each section of the menu, as much as you wanted in a 2 hour time period. 


nov 2015, usa holland 415

The trick was using the tablet to order it.  Of course we froze the tablet, since we did not understand the last screen of confirming the order since it was in Dutch.  Lunch with 4 beers was 58 Euros.


nov 2015, usa holland 418

Some of the ‘bait’ that Ben enjoyed.


nov 2015, usa holland 422


I enjoyed katsudon (a breaded and fried piece of pork loin) and edaname.

nov 2015, usa holland 427

This was shrimp paste wrapped around a green bean, wrapped in an egg roll skin and fried.  Very tasty.


This was a very good meal.  Possibly one of the best of the trip.  What is not shown is the ‘a la carte’ meals that we had ordered ahead of time on the flight from Amsterdam to Washington.  I had an Indonesian  rice table meal that was very good.  We had hoped to eat an Indonesian restaurant while we were there but sadly did not make it.  Any way, back to dull Tuscan food now.  Hee hee…




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