Fall Trip, 2015 Mid-Atlantic bridge, tunnel, ferry…


One of the things that marks you as an old person in the US is if you can remember traveling before a large part of the US was covered by the interstate highway system.  Before I-95 went all the way from Florida to Maine.  And I suppose before the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and the Cape May-Lewes Ferry started operating.


nov 2015, usa holland 153




nov 2015, usa holland 186

Since the last time we were in the area, both landmarks celebrated a 50 year anniversary.  Ben and I really enjoy traveling from Norfolk, VA up to Ocean City, NJ along the eastern shore of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.  Most of the drive is non-interstate, through farm land, some farms still appear to be family owned and operated.  It is just a pretty ride if you are not in too big of a hurry to get anywhere. 

We started in Norfolk, after a last stop at Bojangles and went across the bay bridge tunnel and then on to Rehoboth Beach for the night.  Next morning it was on to the ferry. 

There were some interesting posters up about the history of the ferry.

nov 2015, usa holland 188

The towns that are connected

nov 2015, usa holland 190

The governing body that had to be created

nov 2015, usa holland 192

The ferries

nov 2015, usa holland 191

What else was going on in the world


nov 2015, usa holland 187

nov 2015, usa holland 193


I guess I have been taking this ferry since I was a little girl but I don’t really remember it.  I know that parents enjoyed taking the ferry.  When they retired, after I moved out, my father would proudly announce over the phone when we talked “I’m taking your mother on a cruise!”  “What????”  “We’re going on the Cape May ferry…”  So now his retired daughter and her husband follow the same tradition.

nov 2015, usa holland 195

“Are you ready for your cruise, dear?”



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