Fall Trip, 2015, Random shots from the US


You know how sometimes I just have a picture that is not quite enough for a whole post on its own.  These are those pictures from the US

nov 2015, usa holland 014

Part of the lovely walk-in closet at one of the Air BandB places that we stayed in.  And yes that is about all the clothing that I brought for a 6 week trip.


nov 2015, usa holland 056


We entered one of the Air BandB places that we stayed at through a garage.  As soon as you opened the garage door you were greeted by a sea of rake and yard tool handles.  This is only a small part of them.  It was really a hoot!  I think that the owner of the house rented her garage space or had a relative in the lawn care business????


nov 2015, usa holland 058


nov 2015, usa holland 060


nov 2015, usa holland 061


These leaves on our car after the rain were just too pretty to ignore.


nov 2015, usa holland 094

A really nice bottle of French rose that I found at the Food Lion in Oxford,NC.  It fills me with hope that good wine is there.  You just have to look.


nov 2015, usa holland 135

Oyster shell recycling


nov 2015, usa holland 189

Look closely, if I put Ben in his wheel chair he can’t escape from having his picture made!


nov 2015, usa holland 223

You see the strangest things in my cousin’s house


nov 2015, usa holland 232

This appears to me, wearing my overalls with a parsnip.  I think my cousin thought this was funny.  There might have been wine involved.


nov 2015, usa holland 253

Turkey frying

nov 2015, usa holland 261

A not very good picture of the fried turkey breast which was very good.  Kudos Pete and Bill.


nov 2015, usa holland 273

Yes, my 102 year old Aunt Mary drying dishes after Thanksgiving.  Just try to stop her….


nov 2015, usa holland 276

The kitchen is blessed and protected by the sea and all who dwell there. 


nov 2015, usa holland 278


Or maybe it’s all those eyes watching you…



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