Fall trip, 2015, So what do expats bring back?


nov 2015, usa holland 444

nov 2015, usa holland 446

nov 2015, usa holland 447

Food, that we have a hard time getting in rural Tuscany.

nov 2015, usa holland 448

Cookies for the dog and cookies for me


nov 2015, usa holland 449

Kitchen gadgets

nov 2015, usa holland 450

New things to amuse me


nov 2015, usa holland 451

OTC drugs and makeup

nov 2015, usa holland 454

Calendars and dish towels.  When you live abroad you need a US calendar so that you know when the holidays are, just like you need a local calendar to know when the holidays are.  (That’s why there are multiple calendars in my office)  And sometimes you just want to have a funny calendar that reminds you of your other culture.

nov 2015, usa holland 442

Tee shirts, with things on them that make sense.


nov 2015, usa holland 455

And if a stray bottle of wine wanders into a suitcase, who’s gonna kick it out?



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