That time of year


Spring is starting early here.  And as I write this I know that it could all horribly backfire and cold nights and days could still plague us.  But judging from all the bird song that I hear in my garden, Spring is starting.

february, 2016 037

The early daffs are opening

february, 2016 038

The pansies look good

february, 2016 039

The hydrangeas are leafing out. 

february, 2016 040

The lettuce has survived

february, 2016 044

Iris are budding


february, 2016 036

And Lent has started.  Oh, I can’t control my excitement! (Sheldon: “ Is that sarcasm?”)  I rail on about this every year.  Ben chooses to avoid eating meat on Fridays during Lent, choosing to eat fish instead.  Here is rural Tuscany, fish and seafood are way more expensive than meat or chicken.  Normally we, don’t eat a lot of fish or seafood (also because there is little of it that I like).  So I am not sure how it is a sacrifice to not eat meat choosing seafood instead.  This year his Friday diet will include one vegetarian meal and one seafood/fish meal.  And to start the period of sacrifice  I was finally able to cook the SNAILS that Ben insisted on buying at last June’s French week at Lidl.  (Ohhhh, space in the freezer again!) 

february, 2016 042

A bright note to leave you with, it is staying light until almost 6:00 now!



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