The romantic Valentine’s present



february, 2016 029

This is our bathroom sink.  No stopper in the sink, just this giant gaping hole that has a magnetic attraction for anything that is dropped in it. Fortunately, we have needle nose pliers that fit down it to extract most things.  The water comes out initially as a rush and then tapers off so that you have to adjust the faucets.  And then turning the faucets off takes all of my hand strength.  Ben is not able to do it.   That means every time he uses the sink, a minute or two later I have to track behind him and turn the faucet off so that it stops dripping.  A dripping faucet would not be that big of a deal, in a normal house.  But here if the faucet drips, the pump comes on.  Both households can hear the pump.  It is annoying!!!!!!!  When the plumber came to fix the hose to the hot water heater I asked about the faucets.  “They’re old, Martha!”  Which pretty much said to me he’s not going to do anything about it, is he….


february, 2016 030

And this is the kitchen sink.  That is the hot water at full force.  Not enough force to get the hot water heater to click on.  I finally figured out that if I turned on the hot water in the bathroom, causing the hot water heater to click on then I could coax a little bit of hot water into the kitchen sink and use it as I needed it.  But then one day the faucet handle just gave up completely and nothing came out. 

By this time I have just had it.  So I announced to Ben that I was going to the plumbing store and buying faucets!  Fortunately, at the plumbing supply place in Monte San Savino, there is a nice man who lived in New York for a long time and loves to use his English.  He and I get along well. 

late february 2016 013

Ta dah!!!!! two bright shiny new faucets, a permanent stopper in the bathroom sink, water that comes out with controlled force, hot water, and faucets that shut completely off with little effort.  What better Valentine’s present could I ask for?


late february 2016 014

Never satisfied, water that doesn’t have sand and little stones in it.  That is why we drink bottled water.

100 Euros for the faucets, 30 Euros for the plumber.  My delight at not having the follow Ben into the bathroom….priceless.


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  1. BK McCloud

    I agree that is a fantastic valentine’s present. Romantic is in the eye of the beholder!

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